The BCLTA, founded in 1977, represents the boards and trustees that govern local public libraries in British Columbia. We represent 71 library boards and more than 700 library trustees who volunteer their time to oversee the successful operations of public libraries throughout the province.

Our mission is “to support and represent trustees in advancing public libraries,”  and in doing so, we strive to provide a range of services to trustees and boards to help them become leaders in their communities.

BCLTA also fills an important strategic role, providing organized representation to local, provincial, and federal governments on behalf of library trustees.  We undertake ongoing advocacy work to these same levels of government and the public to raise the profile of – and resolve the issues facing – public libraries across British Columbia.

BCLTA is governed by a Board of Directors and the work of the Board is supported by a small staff.

BCLTA Membership

Membership in the BCLTA is based on one institutional membership for each library board, but includes membership privileges for each individual trustee on that board.  Institutional membership is available to the board of any public library and any public library system as defined under the BC Library Act.  Annual membership dues are based upon the institution’s annual operating expenditures as recorded in the most recent statistics collected by the Libraries and Literacy Branch, Ministry of Education.

Associate membership in BCLTA is available to anyone with an interest in libraries for an annual fee of $100.  Associate members may speak at Association meetings when recognized by the Chair, but may neither hold office nor vote.  As an associate member, you are still entitled to certain basic BCLTA services, such as inclusion on our mailing list and assistance with information requests.

Honourary/life memberships are awarded by the Association to those who have contributed in a meaningful way to the development of library service in BC.  Such members may speak at meetings of the Association when recognized by the Chair, but may neither hold office nor vote.

Please contact BCLTA at admin@bclta.ca or (604) 913-1424 if you are interested in membership.