BCLTA Conference 2016

Libraries Connect! 

Thank you for being part of a fabulous 2016 BCLTA reception and conference!

A conference is like a dinner party in that it is only as good as the people around the table and in the kitchen. On behalf of the BCLTA Board of Directors and staff, I extend our appreciation to each and every one of you who contributed your energy, thoughts, and good humour to the conference. You all made the theme of connection come alive and the event the success that it was.

In the Membership section you will find the Trustee’s Round Table Report along with power point slides and handouts that the presenters have shared. These are for your use as you report on the conference to your boards or take time for reflection on what was a very busy two days. Photos can be found at https://flic.kr/s/aHskAvjK4H.

Planning for the 2017 conference will soon be underway and your emails, comments, and online survey responses will inform the 2017 experience from continuing to seek out the latest thoughts on leadership, board development and strategic thinking in libraries to having more time for networking and conversations. We will also be celebrating BCLTA’s 40th anniversary in 2017!

Warm regards,

Babs Kelly (BCLTA ED)