Advocacy in Action

2018 Provincial Budget Consultations

The consultation process closed on October 16, 2017. To find out more about the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services and to access consultation transcripts, audio, and written submissions visit

The BCLTA written submission can be found here. 

Below are the BCLTA key advocacy messages that we encourage our members and community supporters to use when calling for the advancement of equitable and accessible public library services across the province.

Please use these messages in your advocacy work and contact the BCLTA ED with any questions or comments at

Minister Fleming with Prince George Public Library Trustee
and BCLTA Director Mike Gagel. October 2017. 

BCLTA Key Messages

1. Provincial Funding

Provincial funding that, at a minimum, includes annual increases to account for inflation. While libraries appreciate the stability of grant funding that government has provided since 2010 (approximately $14 million per year), the lack of regular increases means that each year libraries receive less and less support, due to inflationary pressures. After many years of this, libraries are falling behind in their ability to meet growing needs. As well, we advocate for the reinstatement of the Budget Line Item for B.C. public libraries. 

2. Public Library Services in First Nation Communities

The establishment of provincial resources and funding to support and work with First Nation communities on defining, developing, and delivering public library services in First Nation communities, by First Nation communities, is required. Many of these communities have few to no library services, and this gap inhibits certain opportunities for learning, discovery and creativity that are available to other British Columbians.

3. Connectivity

Government commitment to connectivity is needed. Connectivity is critical in the digital age, yet adequate broadband is always in short supply and/or cost-prohibitive, particularly in rural or remote locations. Most libraries are faced with both rising costs and rising demand.

4. Provincial Support for Public Library Boards

 Provincial funding and resources for trustee orientation and board learning and development is in alignment with the Ministry’s responsibility for the successful oversight of the legislative and governance framework for public libraries and the upholding of the Library Act. Strong effective public library boards are critically important for strong effective public libraries.

BCLTA Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit is available for download here.

The Advocacy Toolkit will be reviewed and updated in early 2018. Let us know what worked for you and what you think needs to be different. Email Babs Kelly at

BCLTA will be developing advocacy materials (for example posters, social media, advocacy tips flashcards) to support trustee advocacy efforts in 2018 and in particular for the 2018 municipal elections.

BCLTA Advocacy Templates

B.C. public library letter to Minister Fleming from Library Director and Library Board Chair. Template letter here

Public library board letter to a Minister or MLA regarding the 2017 budget. Template letter here

Buttons! At the 2016 UBCM conference these buttons,designed by Greater Victoria Public Library,were very popular and spread a positive message about the value of libraries. Button template.

Social media cards. Take a photo and post it to your social media sites. If on twitter @bclta so we can RT. Suggested hashtags include #trustees #libraries #bcpoli #bcelxn17.  And don't forget to @yourlibrary and local candidates. 

I'm Creative ... so is my Library!

I'm Making a Difference ... so is my Library!

I'm Community Minded ... so is my Library!

BCLTA Communications

BCLTA October 31, 2017 contribution to B.C. Human Rights Commission online discussion "Building Awareness". 

BCLTA October 11, 2017 response to Union of BC Municipalities Resolutions B60 and C4.

BCLTA October 11, 2017 submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

BCLTA April 18, 2017 letter to the Minister of Education, Government of Saskatchewan. 

BCLTA January 24, 2017 submission to the Rural Education Strategy and Community Engagement Request

BCLTA October 7, 2016 submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. 

BCLTA May 2, 2016 letter to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

BCLTA Messages

BCLTA September 21, 2016 President letter to trustees regarding messages  to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. 

BCLTA Members and Public Library Community

BCLTA 2017 Conference Trustee Roundtable notesInfluencing Today, Shaping Tomorrow

BCLTA 2017 Conference PowerPoint presentation, The Library Board of the future…Being Resourceful When Resources are Limited: A trip to Tumbler Ridge

  • This PowerPoint presentation by Jerrilyn Schembri is an example of storytelling the libraries impact on and connection with the community.