The Critical Role of the Board Chair (Chairing the Board)

BCLTA offers this workshop annually during the time of the conference. We appreciate the importance of this workshop, the difference it makes to board leadership and work, and that attending the workshop is not possible for all who want this learning opportunity.

We are interested in finding collaborative opportunities for this workshop to be delivered. 

About the Workshop

Strong board leadership is about more than running efficient meetings. Participants in this workshop will:

  • gain a better understanding of the board chair’s role;
  • explore how to move your board towards a governance model; and
  • begin to develop a 100 day action plan to engage your board in achieving its organizational mission.

This half-day workshop will focus on the three central roles of a board chair: as captain, as coach for other board members, and as catalyst for organizational change. 

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We are grateful for the financial support of the Libraries Branch of the Ministry of Education, which allows us to offer this workshop for $75 per person.