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Hello BCLTA members,

Happy Library Month! The theme this year is "Libraries Inspire" - something we all know is true for not only library users but also for our communities overall. If you hold an event of any sort, send us a photo and a description, and we'll include it in our next Bulletin.

September was a busy month for BCLTA and our partner organizations (BC Library Association, Association of BC Public Library Directors, and the Libraries Co-op). We worked together to prepare for the UBCM conference, and I must say the level of cooperation was outstanding!

And it paid off. We had a busy booth at the UBCM trade show, which gave us a chance to talk to local politicians about their libraries. We heard heartwarming stories and we heard about challenges. It was great visibility for the four organizations and helped to inform our work going forward.

As well, we (the four organizations) had a very fruitful meeting with our new minister, The Honourable Mike Bernier, and his staff. In particular, his very energetic deputy minister has invited us to meet on a regular basis as together we think about and define the future of BC libraries. The ministry has an interest in libraries helping meet government's goals while, at the same time, we know we need to meet our communities' needs and goals. The warm enthusiasm of those at the meeting was very encouraging.

At that meeting, the minister was also formally presented with the document, Libraries in Action: Partners in Community Learning, on behalf of ABCPLD and BCLTA. It is a discussion document that provides some ideas on possible new roles for public libraries. Thanks to the team at ABCPLD who did most of the work on this.

We also learned that the Libraries Branch is going to do a review of the library funding allocation formula. They've been hearing concerns from large and small libraries about the allocation, so decided it's time for review. They assured us libraries will be involved in the review, and we will hear more about the process in due course.

As always, if you have questions or concerns or ideas, please be touch with us.

Best wishes,

Donna Macdonald,
President, BCLTA   














BCLTA President Donna Macdonald and Ben Hyman, Executive Director of BCLC at the UBCM booth



TOP Webinar Launched 

BCLTA is proud to launch the first of two TOP webinars during Library Month in October 2015. The second webinar is in the final stages of development and will be coming soon. This two-part webinar series is designed to support trustees in their understanding of BC’s public libraries and in their ability to govern effectively in the rapidly changing library sector.   Click here to view the TOP webinar, Part 1, along with the most recent edition of the TOP Workbook.

The Trustee Orientation Program (TOP) is BCLTA’s flagship training program for library trustees in British Columbia.  This cost-subsidized, full-day course introduces trustees to the provincial context for public library leadership, including legislation and services, community advocacy, current issues and strategies for success. 





Chief Librarians Compensation Survey Results 2015 

Under the BC Library Act, a fundamental requirement that library boards must fulfill is appointing a Chief Librarian (also known as the Executive Director or Library Director). This can be a challenging task, and one of the elements that must be carefully considered is compensation.

To assist with that, the BCLTA decided in 2011 to periodically carry out a compensation survey of BC public libraries to see what the market looks like in terms of both wages and benefits for Chief Librarians. The first survey was carried out in 2012, and 58 per cent of libraries responded to the survey with information on their compensation packages. A great start!

Our 2015 survey, which garnered an incredible 90 per cent response rate, is now available. The report includes the principal findings of the survey, including the collective responses to all of the survey questions and breakdowns based on library size and region. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Your input allowed us to achieve a comprehensive gathering of data that can be shared by all.  

Click here to view the Chief Librarians Compensation Survey Results 2015





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