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Glad Tidings to All

While we are still only half way to our next AGM, the end of a calendar year seems a good time for any organization to take stock of its goals and its accomplishments. 

We hope you are pleased with our efforts in 2012 to invigorate the BCLTA on a number of fronts: hiring an executive director, launching a new website and newsletter, engaging in a number of advocacy activities on behalf of our members, and initiating a landmark survey on the compensation of chief librarians in British Columbia public libraries (results available in January).

On behalf of the board of directors and staff of the BCLTA, I would like to wish you a happy, healthy holiday season and New Year.  You make our libraries - and by extension, our communities - better all year long. 

Paul Tutsch, President, BCLTA









Line Item Reinstatement Recommended

Reinstatement of the separate line item for public libraries in the Ministry of Education budget was key among the recent recommendations to the Legislative Assembly from the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

During the consultation period, the Committee heard public libraries and library associations voice concerns about recent changes to how the province records funding for public libraries. "Oral and written submissions to the Committee called for the separate line item to be reinstated in the budget. Doing so, it was argued, would demonstrate the government’s support for public libraries and the value of the services they provide."

» read the full report












Conference Survey Results

Thank you to the 96 trustees who took the time to respond to our survey on conference 2013 session topics. Your input was incredibly valuable to us, and we are hard at work producing workshops and events to correspond to your interests and requests.

» See the conference results (use password: BCLTA)



Governance Advice Request

A BCLTA member library board writes: "We'd appreciate help from your members on a strategy for formally soliciting feedback from the public regarding board issues, including feedback on the Chief Librarian. We have considered a board email address or an internet form that could be filled out anonymously, but don't want to inadvertently overstep our governance role by dealing with day-to-day library operations. We also need to develop the appropriate policies to deal with any feedback we do receive."

If you have had experience with this issue on your board, please contact us. We will forward responses only to the inquiring board (your name and library will not be released).



Libraries: Changing Lives, Transforming Communities

We can all use a little inspiration now and again, and this powerful video produced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation certainly fits the bill.  The video highlights the way all communities -- urban and rural, large and small -- benefit from the digital services offered by public libraries.  Share it!

» see the video


Public Library Display Banner

The dramatic banner created for the BC public library reception at UBCM is available for loan at your next event! Promote BC libraries in your library or in your community.

The banner measures 33.5" wide by 86" high, is a snap to put up and take down, and is available free of charge with the exception of shipping charges. A damage agreement is also required.

» Contact us for questions or to request the loan of the banner.


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