In order to tap into the knowledge and experience of the trustee community at large, BCLTA develops and distributes surveys or requests for information on topics such as CEO evaluation, board recruitment, directors’ liability insurance, and library infrastructure.

Membership Survey (last conducted 2014)

The BCLTA membership survey is used to help the Association better understand the diverse composition and the related support needs of the library trustee community, guiding the programs and services we offer and develop for our members.

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Planning and Governance Study (last conducted 2016)

The Planning and Governance Study examines what types of plans BC public library boards have developed or are developing and what impediments are in the way of achieving better planning and plans.

2016 B.C. Public Library Board Governance and Planning Survey Results

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Compensation Survey (last conducted 2015)

The BCLTA Chief Librarian Compensation Survey is a practical tool to help you review or determine most of the components of your chief librarian's compensation package.

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 Other BCLTA Surveys

  • Infrastructure (2009) -- available under Members tab
  • Infrastructure (2011) -- available under Members tab