Trustee Orientation Program - TOP

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TOP explores the roles and responsibilities of library trustees in British Columbia. Participants are introduced to the provincial context for public library governance, effective board practices, current public library issues, and strategies for success. 

While designed with new trustees in mind, the broad content of the workshop makes it a useful experience for all trustees, whole boards, and library directors.

Request a Local TOP Session

BCLTA works with the sponsoring library to make the arrangements for full day TOP sessions. If your board is small, we suggest teaming up with another nearby board to arrange a joint session – this creates a great opportunity to share ideas and network.

TOP is offered on a cost-recovery basis for groups of at least ten people...and we’ll even include a continental breakfast and lunch. To arrange a local session, please contact BCLTA.

We are grateful for the financial support from the Libraries Branch of the Ministry of Education, which allows us to offer TOP workshops for $125 per person.